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About Us - Fertile Mind

Hi, I'm Christine and I just have to tell you the extraordinary story of how this whole business came about.

Okay, so I’m an Australian newscaster, and I become pregnant (so far, so good!)

But I hit a style bump in the road! Turns out, there are very few maternity clothes that look great on live TV (especially when you need a new outfit night after night).

So, I invent bellybelt, and suddenly I have my entire newscaster wardrobe back in action. Even the slide fastening pants that do up at the side become glam maternity wear.

People start stopping me in the street. Hey! Where did you get the neat maternity wear? (We don’t actually say “neat” in Australia, but “bonza” doesn’t quite work here.

So, I decide I will make this bellybelt for others, and promptly launch a business (as you do when you work and have a young baby!)

However, I had very little money (hello mortgage!) and so…..I eyed off my lovely white hatchback car…and put it up for sale.

Luckily, a man turned up with his mother to look at the car. Here’s the best bit. Instead of buying the Volkswagen, he bought half the business!

Peter Hooker and I are still the co-owners of Fertile Mind all these years later.

At first we ran a part time enterprise run from my garage. Peter brought business skills and I brought LOTS of experience in the pregnancy sector (I went on to have three more daughters!). 

Now we love hearing stories of other women on their pregnancy journey, and we’ve added some great accessories to help get the most fun out of your closet.

We’d love it if you would post reviews of our products, it still makes my heart sing to know that I am, in some way, connected to pregnant women no matter where they live in the world.  

Kind regards,