Top Pregnancy Exercise Apps Every Mother-to-Be Ought to Discover

Staying in shape is a top concern for many pregnant women. Between non-stop food cravings and feeling like you're carrying a basketball in your belly, working out can often feel like the last thing you want to do. Thanks to mobile app developers in the health-and-fitness space, there are now a number of powerful downloads available to women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. If you want to ensure you recover from your pregnancy as quickly as possible, following is a selection of top-rated fitness apps for pregnant women.

Sculpt My Pregnancy

The Sculpt My Pregnancy app was created by a team of fitness trainers and physical therapy specialists. Use this helpful iOS fitness app to reduce pain in your lower back, ease pelvic pain symptoms, and increase your lower-body strength. This app features a series of fitness routines and stretches for each month of your pregnancy. You can track your workout repetitions and pick additional exercises, thanks to a helpful due date calculator.



Incontinence is a common ailment experienced by a number of pregnant women. Pre- and post-pregnancy bladder leakage can be embarrassing and potentially long lasting. The myKegel app helps women increase their pelvic floor muscles by practicing a series of Kegel exercises. You can choose from a number of exercises, track your progress, and set custom reminders for your fitness goals.


Prenatal Yoga Pro

If you want to feel more relaxed during your pregnancy while staying in shape at the same time, consider downloading the Prenatal Yoga Pro app. This handy iOS health and fitness app features specific yoga exercises for each trimester of your pregnancy. Discover exercises for pregnancy-related discomforts like morning sickness and cramping. This application also offers Kegel exercises, meditation tips, and sleep improvement prompts.


Staying fit and healthy before and after a pregnancy is made easier thanks to the growing number of fitness apps for pregnant women. Be sure to discuss your fitness goals with your obstetrician prior to beginning any fitness regimen. How many of these helpful applications will you be downloading to your iPhone or iPad?