Top 5 tips for telling people you’re pregnant!

  1. Discuss with your partner when you’ll both announce the news.  The rate of miscarriage drops dramatically after the first trimester at around 10-12 weeks, so each of you may have a personal preference for who should know about your loss in the event of a miscarriage.  However, among my friends at least, it seems one partner goes to extraordinary lengths to hide the news while the other kicks off a spree of oversharing, beginning with the  strangers on the street outside the medical center.
  2. Decide when you should tell your parents, and your partner’s parents. In my rule book, this should pre-date the telling to any other friend, sibling or colleague. After all, being a grandparent for the first time is probably even more exciting than being a parent.
  3. Discuss with your friends and/or partner when you should tell your work colleagues. I confess that I stretched this out for as long as humanly possible, with a clever assortment of untucked work shirts, wild patterns, a prototype of what became Belly Belt so I could wear my regular work wardrobe. I finally let slip at around the 5 month mark when I’m sure no-one was a bit surprised.
  4. Enjoy the telling. I once pulled a Christmas bon-bon apart and read a customized “joke riddle” aloud to my family announcing my news.  Another time I made my husband close his eyes and hold out his hand, into which I placed the positive pregnancy test.
  5. Be aware friends who suspect will watch your drinking habits closely for confirmation. Enjoy an “alcoholic drink” to really confuse those around you. Pre-fill a bottle of champagne with sparkling mineral water mixed with lime or pineapple juice for colour. Tell guests it’s the only wine/champagne that’s been treated with expensive preservative reducing drops to prevent allergies…. so you can’t possibly share it.